Suzanne MarshallSuzanne Marshall founded her business 12 months ago as a Body Positivity Coach. A fully qualified Life Coach, she helps women break free of their negative body image, fall in love with their bodies and feel confident and attractive!

Founder of the Body Image Mastery Academy and Number 1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Suzanne coaches her clients through her 1-2-1 and group coaching programmes to unshakable body confidence, flourishing in all areas of their lives by loving the skin they’re in, just as it is! Suzanne’s personal journey to transforming her own body confidence makes her an expert in helping women, who feel stuck in a body they don’t like and feel desperate to change.

My Story

I always hated my body and felt unworthy and hopeless on practically a daily basis. I lacked confidence and felt I was being judged for how I looked, which held me back in so many ways. I always wanted to run my own business but having such low body confidence, stopped me from putting myself out there and going for it. My obsession with my body started at the age of 11 when I went on my first diet. Since then, I have been on numerous low-calorie diets to lose weight in a vain attempt to achieve the body shape I felt would be accepted and would make me happy. However, each time, I lost the weight and got to my ideal weight, I was still unhappy and unconfident and the weight always piled back on. I was desperate and fell into a spiral of depression and anxiety because of how I felt about my body.

Then a few years ago, I decided something had to change and I emersed myself in personal development material and made the ultimate discovery that changing how I looked on the outside was NOT the key to finding my confidence. I had to change how I felt about myself on the inside. I had to learn how to love myself…warts and all! So I invested in a coach to help me with this and I have never looked back.

I am now on a mission to help ambitious women like me to smash through the resistance they have built up around loving and embracing their body and help them to step into their power and lead the life they always dreamed of leading and achieve the success they deserve in all areas of their lives.

The last 12 months have completely blown me away in the success I have seen in my business and in my life;
I have worked with some phenomenal ladies who have transformed how they feel about their bodies and are absolutely smashing it! Their confidence is growing every day and I am so proud of them.

I have also become a Number 1 Amazon Best-selling Author with my collaboration on The Secret Diaries of a Female Entrepreneur with 19 other female entrepreneurs who share their stories of how they built their online businesses.

I feel successful in so many ways, not least of which that I am content and happy in my own skin after so many years.

FREE 45 minute Breakthrough Session;
If you feel that you would like to find out more about the work I do and explore the idea of working with me to help you smash through your confidence blocks and achieve the success you’ve always wanted, I would love to offer you a FREE Breakthrough Session, where you will walk away with;

– A better understanding of what’s at the route cause of your struggle to feel good about your body

– The exact steps you need to take to achieve a rocking body image

– Specific advice you can start implementing right away to transform how you feel about your body

Final thought for you: Confidence starts from within.

Suzanne Marshall’s Success Story