Growing up in a family that runs their own business

The first thing that I SAY when people ask me what it is like having parents who run there own business is “great” because it is, my parents are at home most of the time and I have just finished my GCSEs and because he is at home most of the time it meant that my dad could take me to every exam and pick me up from most of them. It is also nice to know that if we do have a problem at school then they are free to come and pick either me or my sister up.

Having parents who run their own business allows us to be exposed to a work environment 24/7 meaning that business terminology is built into our bones from an early age, this has helped in many ways, not only has it helped from an academic angle, during my business studies course at school, but it also means that we understand they ‘outside world’ and what it may be like in the future. It has opened a lot of opportunities for me from going to a women’s networking group from the age of 12 to having a job working in my parents’ business which is quite literally just above my bedroom.

Not only does it allow me and my sister to be exposed to the business environment it also means that we never run out of pens!

My mum has never missed a school play or sports day from the day I was born. It has always been great knowing that my mum is always there supporting me in whatever I am doing even if she can be embarrassing when she does it, my sister has always said that she will never forget the time my mum got up and started dancing during one of my sisters school plays.

My dad used to work in corporate going away all the time for sometimes 2 weeks at a time and that really affected our family not only did we have to adjust every time he went away but also every time he came home, he joined my mum in the business in 2013 and since then the house has been so much calmer and happier, this has allowed us to spend more quality time as a family.

However, the first thing that I THINK when people ask me what it is like having parents who run their own business is that it is annoying. Flexible hours is one of the amazing things about my parents running their own business however, it is also one of the downfalls because it means that work creeps into our personal lives, especially at dinner when we are all sat down eating, mum and dad will be talking about random abbreviations and my sister and I have no idea what they are going on about leading to us losing some of the closeness that we have as a family. Not only does work interfere with our family meals or evenings, it also tires my parents out meaning that if they do have spare time then they are knackered and therefore unable to concentrate or do things with us, and it’s even worse when they are working on a big project because we hardly ever see them and when we do it is just to eat or say good night. It is also annoying knowing that my parents are at home and it feels like we should be able to talk to them whenever we get home, however that isn’t always the case because a lot of the time they are in the office working on something that they really need to concentrate on.

Not only are they working in the office a lot, their work physically creeps into the rest of the house, not only papers that they have been working on but also when they have clients in our living room when my sister and I get home meaning that we can’t get in and watch tv after school. I understand when they have clients in the living room because it is the nicest room in the house and they want to create a nice environment for their clients however, when they are just working in the living room instead of their office, it does get really annoying because that is where their work is supposed to be and the rest of the house is for the family to use, and for them to get away from work.

I do sometimes think if life would be easier and more simple if my parents didn’t run their own business and quite honestly it would, we would know when they would come home, we would know that they probably wouldn’t be working on the weekends and they would know exactly how much money they would have coming in each month and it would be the same, and seeming how amazing my parents are, it would probably be more than what they have coming in at the moment. This would mean that we could go out more on the weekends and go on nicer holidays.

Overall, I would say that having parents who run their own business is not so bad. For example, I wouldn’t be writing this if they didn’t and I wouldn’t be working at home where if my shift starts at 11, I can wake up at 10:45, have a shower and still make it on time. But the main advantage to my parents running their own business is either that they are at home more often than not even if they are working, they are always here if we have a problem, or the fact that we never run out of pens.

Growing up in a family that runs their own business