Business Babble Royston is an approachable hands on supportive group for women who run their own company or who would like to but don’t know where to start. We currently have a group in Royston and Hitchin.

The members of the group support each other through a Facebook Group, monthly meet-ups and ad-hoc training sessions throughout the year.  Our members are encouraged to share their business successes, ask for help & advice and learn new skills to run  businesses.

If you are a female business owner and would like to meet like minded business owners and gain vital business knowledge why not join us for our next monthly meet up? The cost is only £10 and could be the change you and your business are looking for! We have many effective packages to reduce the costs and increase your benefits even further.

Our monthly Royston sessions are held on a Monday and are run from 8pm to 10pm with informal pre-meet babbling from 7.30 pm. Hitchin meets on a Tuesday. Dates for both groups are advertised on our babble site

If you would like to join our group here is our link:



We run a number of training courses – call or email us for more information


Please be aware this is not a business sales group, thus pitching and sales ladders are not allowed.